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This game is really something else!

With backgrounds beautifully drawn in crayons and more layers than a Shrek game Rosa's trip took me by surprise! Despite running into a few technical difficulties (Just run it on firefox)  it was more than worth it for its amazing gameplay and a powerful message that all gamers can resonate with.

This game gets a solid Crayola crayon box/10 and not one of those garbage 24 crayon boxes either. we're talking the straight up 120 crayons. ALL THE COLORS.

All in all Rosa's trip is truly a trip worth taking.


thx it relly heps me ot ๐Ÿ‘

Game broke.

All it does is stay as a white screen when I boot it up. I tried re-downloading but that didn't fix it.

Seems like a common RPG Maker MV video driver related issue, try placing this file in the game's folder and tell me if it works.


Ok. I put it in the game file with the application but nothing is happening. Still a blank white screen.

Is there a specific file it needs to be in?

...Do I need RPG Maker MV to play this?

Shouldn't need MV, other fixes seem related to updating graphics card drivers, never ran into this issue but searching around it seems to be more common. You could also go into the www folder and open index.html, I just tried it in Firefox and seems to run ok.

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A game with a happy day that suddenly turns into a horrible nightmare for a young girl, It has 4 different graphic styles:
The first is the hand drawn that gives you by default, in the question of "Do you like this videogame", if you choose No, will have the graphic style of Atari games, if you choose Maybe, will have the generic style of RPG maker and the dialogues in spanish, and if you choose I don't know, all they will be badly drawn memes, and the enemies give more laughter than fear.

The game is short but curious.

Thanks for playing ๐Ÿ‘